I arrived in Kigali two weeks ago, after a year’s absence, and as always I am blown away by the amazing and constant changes and progress one sees all over Kigali, and across this land of A Thousand Hills.

There is a deep, tangible, moving, and touching sense of purpose that is uniquely Rwandan.

I am biased by my uncompromising love of Rwanda. But, so be it.

Patriotism is no vice.

In the words of President Kagame, “We cannot turn our clock back, but we have the power to determine the future.”

Indeed we do, and I have seen proof of it by attending the RWANDA EXPO the other day, where “MADE IN RWANDA” is the theme that ought to make every Rwandan proud of what has been achieved in the last two decades.

Home grown solutions has become king. Local industries are on the rise, and small businesses that are the backbone of any economy are flourishing.

Rwandans today are better off than they have ever been in our history. Facts do not lie.

I have also been talking to the man on the street, and my friends and colleagues in government and private industry.