A global study, Climatescope, has ranked Rwanda the 5th nation among those that are leading the global clean power transition.

Climatescope is a unique country-by-country assessment, interactive report and index that evaluates the investment conditions for clean energy in emerging markets.

It profiles 103 markets worldwide and evaluates their ability to attract capital for low-carbon energy sources while building a greener economy.

Climatescope, published by BloombergNEF, is a snapshot of where clean energy policy and finance stand today, and a guide to what can happen in the future.

This marks the seventh year of the Climatescope project. Rwanda was 17th last year.

Rwanda’s power mix is based heavily on hydro, at just under 50% as of June 2018, but other technologies, such as solar, natural gas and diesel are represented. State-owned Energy Development Corporation Ltd. has been the most prominent developer, but there are a multitude of private players involved in Rwanda’s generation sector. The country has an oversupply of on-grid generation, as well as a backlog of contracted projects. As a result, new developers will not be able to secure permitting until the roughly 200MW of generation projects with existing contracts are commissioned. The country is instead focusing near-term investment into transmission and distribution, both of which are fully controlled by REG.